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Panel Discussion: Parts Availability & Supply Chain Issues

  • Tuesday, 02/04/2020: 12:10 PM - 1:00 PM


  •  We are observing massive supply and demand issues in a complex and tight supply chain – how can suppliers and operators navigate this more successfully?
  • Why is there a misalignment between the cost of engine material repairs and how it relates to the market value of that engine material?
  • Mature engines are operating longer the expected - how does this impact acquisition of parts? Access to serviceable materials – how should the aftermarket organise this with the expected bow wave in materials?
  • What challenges will this create in the supply chain and how can the volume be effectively managed and processed?
  • How will these supply chain issues affect mature engines? DER/PMA and additive/3D printing solutions: what alternative parts options can be utilised?
  • Castings and forgings are a big issue in the supply chain - how can this be managed?


    Sherry Chaput

    Owner and CEO
    Avion Trace Group, LLC

    James Bennett

    Commercial Director

    Marcelo Riso

    Global Aerospace Product Manager
    Kuehne + Nagel

    Ramnik Soni

    Alaris Aerospace Systems

    Rudy Bryce

    President & CEO
    CFM Materials